When to take maternity photos in Irvine, California in 2023?

December 1, 2022by Tiya Studios

Are you searching for when to take maternity photos? Or when should you take maternity photos? If so, then you must need clarification about the time. We are here to inform you about the effective information that can make you feel comfortable and confident when planning to take maternity photos. 

When should you do maternity photos?

Whether it’s your first time becoming a mommy, your second time becoming a mommy, or giving birth to twins, the timings differ.

First-time mommy-to-be:

Taking photos between 7 and 8 months can be a good option for a mother for maternity photos. It’s the perfect time when the bump seems round, nice, and fully showing. So, it lets the picture come out ideally. As it’s your first time, never try to schedule the dates earlier before the delivery.

 Second-time mommy-to-be:

When you get pregnant for the second time, the body bump appears earlier than the first time. So, considering the time earlier than the first time is the best option for you.

Twin’s momma:

When you have two babies in the womb, the signs of the bump shows earlier than that of having a baby for the first time or the second time. If you are pregnant with twin babies in four months, you will look seven months pregnant. Here, you can consider the 28th week to be the right time to take maternity photos.

 When do you take maternity photos when it’s a high-risk pregnancy?

When you are in a high-risk pregnancy situation, it’s better to chat with your doctor, who can guide you about everything you could or couldn’t do. As per various pregnant women, the second trimester is the perfect time to take maternity photos without any issues, even in high-risk pregnancies. Meanwhile, try to be in contact with your photographers and let them know about your conditions. As photographers already get in with such types of projects, they tend to talk about the precautionary that women need to consider.

 When to do the maternity photos announcement?


Before the baby arrives, you must make sure about all the arrangements to let every loved one know about the above announcement. For that, you need to manage the photos’ printing should be nearer to the delivery time. So you can easily send photos to every loved one.

Is too early is worthier?

Getting the bookings done early and doing the maternity photoshoot won’t show the perfect look. Why? Because the bump won’t be able to come as clear in the lens as it has to be. However, if you are doing it on purpose, you can go with the poses told by the photographers where the bump will look perfect.


The time frame that is mentioned in this article regarding the maternity photo-shoot is all gathered after hearing about the previous parents-to-be couple’s photo-shoots experiences. On top of that, some information has been gathered from the expert’s suggestions.

But you can still consider your experts and ask them to tell you when to take maternity photos. Also, mommy’s-to-be won’t find it a good option due to the tough circumstances they are facing. But by all means, it’s essential to know that whatever you are feeling right now, you need to try it, as it will make you feel worthy in the future Additionally, visit our website to book your next photography session today!