When to Book a Wedding Photographer?

August 13, 2022by Tiya Studios

The wedding day holds the primary importance in the bride and groom’s life. They need everything to stay perfect and memorable on this day. But the effort of making everything perfect can stress them out a bit.

A wedding is all about the bridal/groom dress, wedding venue decoration/theme, and the guest list. But to capture each moment of the wedding for a lifetime, a wedding photographer is someone whom you can call your valuable asset. They are the one who knows better than to add beauty and a feel of reality to photographic pictures.

But for the newlywed, the central question that strikes their head is when they should book a wedding photographer. How many days or months before you should book your slot? Let’s dive into a discussion about this concept and see if it helps you or not.  

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How Long Before you Should Book your Wedding Photographer?

Well, the answer to this question generally depends on the time or venue of your wedding celebration! If you are about to hire a famous photographer, ensure that you book them at least 6-7 months before your wedding.

Some wedding photographers often mention their availability based on the location where your wedding is about to take place. If the wedding is in another city, hiring a wedding photographer around ten months before the wedding day is an excellent option. Inform them about the number of guests and theme of the wedding so they can arrange the photographer team based on all requirements.

Remember that photographers always work for any wedding based on an hourly package. If the number of hours exceeds, then it is evident that they will charge you more. In short, more hours means more expenses. Plan your budget first! 

What is the Cost of Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

Different factors will decide a wedding photographer’s final price. A few critical factors are wedding location, selected package, services offers, and the type of photographer you choose.

In general, the price of wedding photographers in Orange County starts from $1,150 and ends at $3,000. An average photographer will charge you around $2,000.

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer? Guide for beginners

Below we have highlighted a few key points that you need to consider when choosing wedding photographers in Orange County:

Photography style

It would help if you inquired about the photography styles which the photographer has. Sometimes, a wedding couple has a specific theme on which they want their photography session to be held. Ask the expert about the number of styles they are skillful in and then make the final choice.


Another essential factor to pay attention to is the experience of the photographer. More experience means the better results the photography will have. Photographers with vast experience have strong skills in covering all types of photography under different locations or weather times.

Take references

If you cannot find the perfect photographer for the big day, go for some recommendations from friends and family. Take references from them about 4-5 photographers and then make a final choice! Do check the website of hired photographers and see their testimonials.

Having a backup

Find a photographer who knows how to keep a backup plan in case of emergency time. When you are covering a wedding day, it is expected that you will experience some issues. Possibly your camera battery will run off, or your camera lens will stop working. They should have a backup so the wedding couple would not think that their big day is being spoiled.

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Questions to Openly ask a Wedding Photographer Before Hiring them

If you are meeting the photographer for the first time, you need to ask a few essential questions before finalizing the booking. A few basic questions are:

  • How do they describe their photography style?
  • Can I see any of your previous photography album work?
  • Have you shot any of the weddings before at this venue?
  • What photography packages do you offer, and what services are included?
  • After how many months will the couple receive the album?
  • How can my friends or family members order prints?
  • How many weddings have you photographed so far in a year?
  • Can I check the contract?

Helpful Tips for Wedding Planning

A few vital wedding planning tips to keep in mind are:

  • Always start your wedding planning on an early basis. If your wedding is about to happen at the end of 2022, you should start preparing for it at the start of 2022. Early wedding planning will always keep you away from the hassle of last-minute stress.
  • Don’t spend too much on your wedding. We know that wedding is a special day for the couple, but sometimes over-spending can look like a show-off. Apart from dresses, venue decoration, and photographer expenses, you should be ready for some extra costs of makeup, dress alterations, or gifts.
  • Keep your guest list selective. Limited guests will make the wedding extra special and not too crowded. And remember that cost per head will also be increased upon the increase in several invitees.
  • Don’t go for the long-distance venues. If most of your guests come from inside your city, it is better to choose an excellent location near the guest housing locations in your town.
  • Keep a plan B by your side. There is no doubt that some flaws will come your way on the primary wedding day, which can freak you out. Having a plan B by your side can be a survivor for you.
  • Hire the best photographer at least eight months before. They are the one who knows better than to add beauty and a feel of reality to photographic pictures.

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So this was a quick guide about when you should book a luxury wedding photographer and how you can easily find the best one. There are no hard and fast rules you need to follow to book the perfect one. Just consider a few of the best options, which are freely available on the wedding dates, to avoid giving you any stress. Happy wedding!

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