How to Take Your Own Elopement Photos in 2023

January 29, 2023by Tiya Studios

There’s a misconception that you must have a wedding photographer for your big day. The truth is, you can use one—or not! But if you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to hire someone, why not try something different?

Elopements are the perfect chance to break out of any photography rut and do something fresh with your photos. It gives you more time with your partner before getting hitched, and it also means that having an experienced pro around won’t be as necessary.

If anything, eloping allows you to experiment more with shots and poses than would be possible with multiple people involved—and who knows what kind of magic might happen when two people get together?!

Prep your camera and get to know the manual settings

To get started, you’ll want to prep your camera and get familiar with the manual settings. This will allow you to control how much light enters through the lens and hit your sensor.

Setting Your Camera To Manual Mode

To start, set your camera’s mode dial to “M.” This stands for manual mode and allows you to use different shutter speeds (1/30th), ISO levels (100), and aperture sizes (f2). You can also set up a tripod or other stable surface so that when someone walks into the frame, they don’t move around too much!

Set up your tripod (or find another flat surface)

A tripod is a necessity if you’re planning to take your elopement photos. It’s also the first thing that many people overlook when choosing their gear for the big day.

But if you want high-quality images without having to hire someone else, then you need to ensure your tripod is stable enough for what will likely be some pretty windy conditions (if it’s not windy already).

In addition to being sturdy, though–and this might sound obvious–it should also be easy to carry around so that there aren’t any issues with transportation during or after your ceremony.

While there are many different styles (and even more options within each category), try finding one that fits these criteria: lightweight; compact size; adjustable height range; quick-release plate attachment point(s). You’ll thank yourself later!

Choose your angles

  • Choose your angles.
  • Look for interesting angles.
  • Look for the best light, composition, and background.

Get Close. Take up your camera and zoom in on the subject. Try different angles and perspectives. You will be surprised how much difference a slight change of position can make.

Think about what poses will work for you

When thinking about poses, consider your surroundings and the time of day. Do you want to take photos in a public place? If so, what kind of lighting is best for that location?

If not, do you have access to a private space where you can set up lights or use natural light from windows and skylights?Also, consider what poses will work for you and your partner’s comfort level. You may not be comfortable with PDA (public displays of affection), but that doesn’t mean all couples aren’t!

Prepare a shot list

A shot list is an easy way to stay organized during your elopement session. This can be especially helpful if you have never photographed a wedding before because it will give you a plan for what shots will look best in the final edit.

It’s important to remember that while there are many great things about having a big group of friends and family with you on your big day, one of those benefits is not necessarily having someone who knows what they’re doing behind the camera!

If this sounds like something that applies to you, then make sure to include all the shots that would be important if someone else were behind the lens–and some extras, just in case!

Communicate jump cues

  • Make sure your partner knows what you are doing. If you use a hand signal and a vocal cue, ensure your partner understands both.
  • Use both methods of communication. This way, there is clarity about when to jump or how high to go!

Have fun with it!

You’re about to marry your partner, so you should have fun! Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Just do what feels right and have fun with the experience.

As a photographer, I aim to capture moments that reflect who you are as a couple and tell an authentic story of your day together. Your elopement photos won’t look like anyone else’s because they’ll be uniquely yours, which makes them special!

Having a solo elopement can still be memorable and fun.

You don’t need a lot of equipment or experience to take your elopement photos. You can be creative and spontaneous and have fun with your partner on your special day.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide whether or not a solo elopement is right for you. If so, we wish you the best of luck in planning and shooting your own! Need professional photographer to capture your elopement wedding? You can count on Tiya Studios!

Just visit our website to book your appointment for the big day right away!