How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost In California?

July 20, 2022by Tiya Studios

Do you want to know how much a wedding photographer charges for your big day? The cost of wedding photographers increases with time because the demand for primarily covering the wedding is equally getting important. Today’s guide will explain the cost of wedding photographers and what factors can affect their price.

Usually, most wedding photographers will cost around $200-$2,500. This pricing can yet vary based on a few factors, which we will discuss later. The cost of an average wedding photographer is around $500, which can range from $450-$750.

A breakdown of wedding photographer costs is discussed in the table below:

National average cost$500
Average cost range$450-$750
Low-end cost$200-$350
High-end cost$1,000-$2,500

Finding a perfect wedding photographer for your big day might be overwhelming. But once you hire the excellent one, they will take away all of your stress and ensure that your big day becomes the special one for a lifetime.

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What is the cost of a wedding photographer per hour?

It’s a fact that wedding photographers generally work based on per-hour requirements. If the number of hours exceeds a minute, the cost will be raised.

Some wedding photographers will charge you the hourly rate of $100-$470. But an average photographer will charge around $150-$200 per hour.

Note: Hourly rates are a bit different from the actual package pricing. During the course of peak months of the wedding season (spring and summer), the cost is high.

Prices of the wedding photographer can vary based on their experience, time of year, and geographic location.

A breakdown of wedding photographer costs per hour is discussed in the table below:

National average cost$192/hour
Average range$150-$200/hour
Low-end rate$100/hour
High-end rate$474/hour


When hiring any wedding photographer on an hourly basis, make sure the terms & conditions are written clearly in the contract. Do not hire a photographer until and unless you have no clear understanding of what is written in the contract.

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Save money on wedding photos: Tips to follow.

Do you want to know how to save money when hiring a luxury wedding photographer? Photographer will provide you with all the printing rights of the photos, which will help you to save enough of your money.

It would help if you continuously verified you have the right to print and download images from any website you choose. You will learn how much your wedding photos cost at this point.

By bundling engagement and wedding photos, you can save money instead of purchasing each event’s pictures separately.

Last but not least, you should not hesitate to negotiate or ask for discounts. As long as the season and demand are right, you might be able to negotiate more affordable prices for your wedding photos. This is obvious if you have received the lower and much more reasonable cost estimates from the rest of the photographers.

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What factors can affect the pricing of wedding photographers?

When answering the question, “What is the cost of a wedding photographer?” it is essential to consider all the primary factors influencing the overall cost.

1. The number of hours spent shooting.

Typically, the longer your wedding photography shoot, the more you’ll have to pay. You can hire a photographer for several hours ranging from one hour for a ceremony or courthouse wedding to twelve hours for the entire wedding.

If you want candid photos taken of the buildup to your wedding ceremony, the ceremony itself, and the reception, most couples book their wedding photographer for about 10 hours.

2. Duration of travel time

Wedding photographers’ travel time will also affect how much a wedding photographer charges. Additionally, if your ceremony and reception are located far apart, this will add to the overall cost.

3. Are digital photos better than prints?

Wedding photographers offer different packages. When your big day is over, you’ll need to decide how you want your wedding day photos to be delivered. Would you prefer to have your photos printed or digitally?

4. Photos that need to be retouched or edited

If additional work is needed for the shoot or your photos need editing, you should expect to pay more. The price for retouching or editing your wedding day photos will likely be higher.

5. How many photographers are there?

Multiple wedding photographers in Orange County will help you capture every moment of your wedding to make it special. Your wedding day will be charged from various angles, so you’ll not only have double the photos.

You may have to pay more if you hire more than one photographer, if your photographer is with a team, or if they require an assistant.

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Related questions – FAQs

  1. Is it necessary to tip your wedding photographer?

Besides the cost of the wedding photographer, always remember to give them a tip as a reward for their best services. There is no need to tip the photographers if they run their own business. But if they are under the employee of some company, they do deserve a tip. An excellent tip has to be around $50.

  1. How much before you should be hiring a wedding photographer?

You can easily book wedding photographers near me if they are available at the wedding time. But if you hire someone famous and highly professional, then the booking needs to be done 12 months in advance. Never hire a photographer after getting settled with the venue and date. This is a big mistake.

  1. Do you have to provide a meal for the photographer?

Yes, this is a nice gesture to do so! You should be serving a meal to their entire team, not just the photographer. They are putting the best of their efforts into making your day special, so ensure you give them the best service equally.



When it comes to wedding photography, everybody wants to know what the cost of wedding photography is? Per hour? Per day? What are the factors that affect the cost of photography? As a couple, hiring a professional photographer helps you to preserve the memory of your wedding day in the best way. Don’t hesitate to call the best wedding photographer in California.



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