How long do you need a photographer at your wedding in California?

January 9, 2023by Tiya Studios

One of the most often inquiries we receive as wedding photographers is, “Average time for wedding photographer”. As this is most likely your only wedding, you may be entirely at a loss regarding what to do first or how to begin sorting out all the details.


You want to hire a professional photographer who will capture every memorable moment without breaking the bank, but you also want to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash. Understanding how many hours you’ll need a photographer might be incredibly challenging.


Selecting an inconveniently low number of hours can be wasteful and costly, while determining an insufficient amount could cause you to lose out on priceless memories captured in photographs. There are several variables to consider when deciding on what will be the average wedding photographer turnaround time. To simplify your planning, we have compiled this handy checklist for the average time for the photographer at wedding to help you:

In-Depth Marriage Coverage for 6 Hours

The fact that this is the photographer’s cheapest deal doesn’t imply it’s solely suitable for individuals on a strict budget. For intimate ceremonies like destination weddings, a six-hour coverage package is more than plenty. There aren’t as many guests or picture opportunities to take advantage of in a small, intimate wedding, so the day goes by fast.

However, if both the wedding and the reception are held in the same place, then 6 hours of coverage is quite reasonable.

An Intensive 8 Hours of Marriage Day Coverage

The typical wedding has between 100 and 150 guests, so an 8-hour plan should be plenty. Those extra two hours will allow the photographer to catch the completion of your preparations, certain reception-related moments, and the beginning of the after-dinner dance party.

The Marriage Day Is Covered for a Full 10 Hours

Avoid feeling pressured to take the wedding photos that will end up on everybody’s Pinterest boards. Therefore, it is recommended that you have at least 10 hours of coverage. The photographers will be there for most of the day, allowing them ample opportunity to capture both the preparations and the big reveal (if you want to do one).

In addition, the wedding party and family photographs won’t have to be rushed to make it to the reception on time for supper and dancing.

Coverage of the Ceremony for 12 Hours

There are a few scenarios where having service for 12 hours will be ideal for you and your partner. This quantity of footage is almost required if there is a huge wedding celebration, and it’s more than sufficient time to record all the ceremony’s events.

Which types of pictures do you need to capture on your big day?

Your marriage day will be filled with many memorable moments, and you’ll want to be sure they’re all documented as you imagined. Consider whether or not you need images of you putting on cosmetics and zipping up your gown.

Is there a need to capture the mushy first look or the emotional reaction of your new husband as you go across the aisle? Is it necessary to you to have a comprehensive record of every moment and a wealth of accompanying detail?



Don’t be shy about contacting your favorite photographer, even if their offered packages don’t seem to be quite right for you. It’s possible that they can make something specifically for you. What is the expense of providing coverage for more extended hours?

Yes. Would it be beneficial to go through with it? Yes. Will the additional cost of hiring a photographer be noticeable when you reflect on your wedding pictures two, twenty, or 40 years from now? Not.

Get in touch with us for the most affordable and high-quality wedding photography packages for your big day.