Candid Wedding photography | what is it & how to do it?

November 22, 2022by Tiya Studios

What is a Candid photo?

Before understanding candid wedding photography, it’s essential to know about the candid photo. The meaning of candid refers to a natural, random, or unplanned activity. The term candid in the photo means a photo taken in which the person stands for the photo without even making the poses or is fully unaware that someone is taking the photo. Here, the whole subject tends to be unrelated.

What is candid wedding photography’s meaning

Candid photography’s meaning is similar to everything we have mentioned in the above section. However, here, the theme that makes the difference is the wedding environment, where the pictures of the objects are taken naturally and uninterruptedly.

Usually, the demand for candid wedding photography is higher just because its natural element shows everything as accurately to someone as they experienced in the wedding.

The candid hidden methods are only well known to the candid wedding photographer. They understand the poses, angles, and filters that make the photography look as unique as possible.

Tips for brilliant Candid Wedding photography

Although you hire a professional photographer for candid wedding photos, it’s essential to know the fantastic key tips that can help take a good candid shot at the wedding. Usually, these tips can help you take candid photographs of the wedding when you don’t have any professional person in town.


Understanding of the equipment:

A better understanding of the equipment is essential in taking brilliant candid wedding photographs. Here, the perfect understanding refers to the camera settings and the idea of other relevant objects’ usage. With ideal camera settings, the ambiance will look as natural and high-quality as possible.


Always be ready:

Whether you believe it or not, an excellent candid wedding photograph only comes when you are ready. Although the person does not see the camera, their posture needs to be ready, which captures everything as naturally as possible. Meanwhile, the photographer has to ensure that the lighting settings are perfect, and the angle they choose must also be accordingly.

Prepare with questions:

Most candid wedding photography is planned, also called plandid photography. Well, here, the plans refer to the questions that must have answers in advance before taking the photographs. For example, what should be the outcome of the photographs? What factors play an important role? What should be the location? Each and everything has to be answered in advance.

Show Humor:

Most of the candid wedding photographs that look brilliant are the ones that have humor in it. Therefore, you need to look for all those happy or funnier moments at the wedding and catch them instantly when you find the right one.

You would, as a photographer, asks the couples to say something about their partners that makes them feel funny. So, you could make good use of that information by making the pair laugh and then capturing their photos.

Avoid Flash:

When you use a flash, it automatically draws the person’s attention toward you. In candid photography, you need to turn off the flash so the candid photos you are taking in wedding people would never get the clue that you are taking the pictures.